We will tell you in detail how the promotion on Instagram takes place, so that you have no doubts that it is safe and suitable for any account.

What is hidden behind the word «cheat»?

After registering at doinsta.com and adding your account, we do the following: subscribe and like only living people who may be interested in your account. The person whom we subscribed to on behalf of your account understands that you are interested in him and in most cases subscribes in response — thus, the number of your subscribers naturally increases, and otherwise — «winds up».

How does this promotion on Instagram free ig likes differ from the promotion of bots?

Bots are inanimate accounts; real people are not behind them. If you decide to wind 1000 of these bots on Instagram, you will not solve any of the tasks set at the beginning of the promotion: the number of likes and comments will not increase, there will be no sales either, and you will simply have “dead souls” in your subscribers — such an addition of subscribers, though happens quickly, but completely ineffective.

Is it possible to wind up live people online on Instagram?

The filters that are implemented in our service work flawlessly and allow you to like and subscribe only to living people. If necessary, we will not affect foreign accounts, commercial accounts and those accounts that have a lot of subscriptions or subscribers — in this case, it is highly likely that they simply will not pay attention to you.

How fast is Instagram boosting?

Fast promotion of Instagram with Do Insta is due to the fact that every day, without interruption, our service, on behalf of your account, will put 1000 likes and subscribe to 1000 people. Thus, about 50,000 potential subscribers will see your account, and the increase will be up to 6,000 people — and this is only in 1 month!

Is Instagram promotion paid?

Yes, the cost of effective promotion in our service is only 1000 rubles. per month

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